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I’m a copywriter that specializes in digital marketing, or internet marketing as it is also commonly known as.

I specialize in the following forms of digital marketing copy:

  • Email Sequences that move buyers down your sales funnel
  • Blog Posts that drive traffic
  • Website Articles that encourage interaction
  • Landing pages that generate leads
  • Store Descriptions that boost visitors and sales
  • Lead magnets that generate business inquiries
  • WordPress Posts and Pages that attract visitors
  • About Me Pages – use these to generate positive results (there’s a copywriting ‘trick’ involved)

I’m also Adobe Photoshop certified, and a bit of a graphics nerd tbh. Like copywriting, graphics play a very important role. The graphics side of my copywriting service is optional, you may have your own in-house graphic designer.

But be aware that related copywriting graphics is an art form in itself. There’s more to than just choosing a pretty picture, there’s psychology at work too. Well, there should be if you want to get the best results and reactions (clicks, in other words).

Blog Articles Samples < [click to view samples]

Power up your blog with professional copy and graphics. So What? Watch your visitors and signup numbers go up and up. You provide the niche, I’ll do the research and fire up the writing. Together we’ll rocket up your articles into the blog stratosphere. Reach out and contact me, let’s get this ball rolling.

Email Ads and Copy  < [click to view samples]

Many new technologies claim they have ‘killed email’ once and for all… they haven’t. Check out these stats below from the officially recognized DMI (Digital Marketing Institute). Prepare to be mind-blown. Use these stats to your digital-marketing advantage, increase sales and signups. It’s like having a marketing ‘secret-weapon’.

Use Copywriter Powered Magic Words and Graphics  < [click to view samples]

There is one way that you can improve on copywriting which makes an absolutely stunning difference. The way to do this is to COMBINE some pro copywriting with supportive graphics. So What? Emulate it yourself and put it into action, then watch your ROI rise dramatically.

Social Media Ads & Copy < [click to view samples]

Increase your sales on any social media platform with laser persuasive copy and graphics. I’ll work with you on it, you’ll see the difference. You see, copywriters look at things from a different angle, and that’s what can make such a positive difference in a digital- marketing campaign. So What? Your bank balance will thank you for it, your wallet may well start bulging if all goes according to plan. This can have a major over-night effect on your sales. Get in touch with me for a free consultation, and we’ll make a start.

Digital Marketing and Products < [click to view samples]

Boost your product sales with some uniquely targeted ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ style techniques. You provide the product, I’ll do the research. Any niche available to target, let’s boost your sales. Gain deep audience insights. You won’t believe how far you can take this with Facebook ads. You can almost tell what your target customers had for breakfast this morning. So What? Now that type of heavy intel can be seriously used to increase your sales, often immediately, with trackable stats.

If you need to ask me anything, or just want to set up a free consultation, please use the contact form below, thank you.