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Email Power

Mind-Blowing Email Stats

Many new technologies claim they have ‘killed email’ once and for all… they haven’t. Check out these stats below from the officially recognized DMI (Digital Marketing Institute);

  • 94% of all adults who are online use email
  • 91% check their email daily.
  • 66%, yes nearly 7/10 of consumers make a purchase online due to email marketing.
  • 3.2 bn email a/c worldwide
  • 150 bn emails sent every day

The ROI is huge; for every $1 spent on email, a tangible $44.25 is returned; that is a whopping 4,300%. If you get your email right the dividends are immense. Email conversion stats are GIGANTIC compared to any other channels. Let’s read that stat again, take it in:

For every $1 spent on email, a tangible $44.25 is returned

Copy-Powered Email Headers

Sure, the best attention-grabbing approach to go for when it comes to Email headers, is to use an eye-catching graphic. But if you want to multiply your click-thru rates by huge margins, it’s essential that you also add powerful copy-written headlines. A headline that delivers.

You’ve got to make sure that it’s not a click-bait headline. There’s a very thin line between copywriting and click-bait, and you can’t afford to get it wrong. ‘Click-bait’ can cause some VERY long-term website damage if you don’t understand the subtle differences involved here.

Google absolutely HATES click-bait and will punish offenders who use it. Think of it from their point of view. They want to provide their users with top search results right? Not some spammy click-bait that will annoy and disappoint their searcher. It affects their adverti$ers too. Just don’t go there buddy.

The Copywriter Perspective

This is where copywriting kicks in. You see, copywriters look at things from a different angle. They zone in on the *WIIFM! This is just one of the techniques a pro copywriter will use, there are many under their command.

And you know what? This is what can make all the difference with your click-thru and opening rates. And that leads to more sales and sign-ups. Here are a few copy-powered email headers I designed to demonstrate this process in action. Their sole intention? ‘Get the Click!‘.

Hover (Laptop), or Tap (Mobile) an image below to access, and click the magnifying glass. Double-tap an image to expand/contract, scroll through portfolio samples with the > on the right-hand side.

  • eMail_Headers-Multi-JPGEX-COMP
  • Time_eMail_Header-jpg
  • emailerheadermarketi_zdmzl
  • websolutionemailhead_MJ1Pa
  • mastershadowlight3
  • impressyourbossshush_uiPNP
  • businessleadership_e_E12WD
  • wildlife_jpg


*If you haven’t come across that WIIFM reference above, get in touch with me using the contact form below, I’ll tell you what it is, and it’s pretty powerful. It will open up your digital-marketing eyes, it’s a real ‘A-HA’ moment! Use this marketing knowledge carefully (to your advantage). It even works in the offline world of marketing.

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