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Digital Marketing or any other niche that you may be involved in, requires blog articles. That’s the way the internet works, it’s a mainstay of the whole craft of writing online. Now sometimes digital marketers don’t have the time or inclination to write material for their website or blog.

That’s where a pro-copywriter comes in. Not only do you (as a client) save time, but it also introduces a chance to perk up your articles, get traffic from an SEO based article (which Google loves btw), and potentially increase your sales and clickthrus.

The Artform of Article Writing

Make no bones about it, ‘article writing’ is an art form in itself. It takes time to put a great article together. It takes time to do the correct deep research for a well-written piece. It reminds me in ways of a journalist writing for a newspaper. Getting the latest scoop, the ‘what’s hot’.

And you know what they say, “Time is Money“. Well in the case of digital-marketing that certainly holds true.

Pro Article Writer for Hire

At, I take great care in writing my articles. I research like Sherlock Holmes on steroids, no stone is left unturned. The client (hopefully you), ends up with a deeply researched, interesting, jargon-free article. That, in itself, is going to attract the search engines, which means more visitors to a blog or website, which means more chances of displaying your CTA (*Call-to-Action).

A Call to Action (CTA) is a statement designed to get an immediate response from the person reading or hearing it. It’s used in business as part of a marketing strategy to get your target market to respond through action.

Precise Click

In other words, you tell your reader EXACTLY what you want them to do next, tell them where you want them to go. Tell them precisely what you want them to click next.

Now you have to lead up to a CTA for full effect, build it up so to speak, and that’s an art form in itself too. Article Writing (like any form of writing),  takes time, constant learning, and study.

If you’d prefer to save that time for yourself, or you have other marketing actions that need taking, I suggest having a no-obligation chat with the guy on the other end of that contact form below .. that’ll be me, folks.

In the meantime, here are a few examples of my article writing works. If they look interesting to you and you’d like to save your precious time by having a professional ghost-writer do the work for you, contact is only a fill-in-form away.

Hover (Laptop), or Tap (Mobile) an image below to access, and click the magnifying glass. Double-tap an image to expand/contract, scroll through portfolio samples with the > on the right-hand side.

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Get in touch with me here using the contact form below. Let’s talk, let’s market together.

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