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You Can Bank That >>> Skills

Most everyone is good at something. Maybe you’re good at a hobby, strong in a certain sport, teach a subject, you get the picture. Well, you can bank those skills online.

Digital Product Copy Examples

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That’s what digital marketing is all about. You take your skills and knowledge and create a digital product out of it. That’s just one way to go about it there are many options.

You could put together a:

  • Course (for example ‘Phlearn’ sells courses on Photoshop)
  • Skype Classes (You can sell these as a pack too)
  • An Email Course
  • Premium Webinars
  • Photography Video Courses
  • Sell your own Store Products
  • Etsy (Crafts, jewelry, etc)
  • Create and Sell Udemy Courses Based on Your Expertise

And these are just a few of the options open to anyone. Basically, once you have an internet connection you’re good to go.

Learning Curve

Like anything worthwhile doing there is a bit of a learning curve. But compared to traditional forms of learning, it’s relatively fast to pick up.

Important Warning

One tip I learned and can share with you, is to be careful with branding. For example, let’s say that you are an expert on Star Trek TNG. If you try to put out a product related to that you will be hit with claims from the company behind Star Trek TNG. And that is somewhere you don’t want to go.

I learned all (well, a lot anyway, there is a lot), about trademarks and copyright when I was involved in a website concerning the Public Domain and Creative Commons. It’s a crazy world best not touched. It can be very costly if you get sued. Best avoided altogether, but it’s easily avoided.

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