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Social Media Ads: If you want to get your marketing ads seen pretty quickly these days, Social Media platforms are a great way to go. The big guns are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube (Ok, not strictly a Social Media site, but very similar for marketing purposes)
  • Reddit (depending on your niche and aims)

Let’s look a bit closer at the giant Facebook.

Facebook Ads

The Facebook ad platform is amazing. The amount of researching and targeting you can do on it is akin to using a microscope. You can zoom right into your target audiences. Know where they are, know what they like doing, it almost tells you what they had for breakfast.

Audience Insights

In order to find out this detailed information, you need to use ‘Audience Insights’. You can learn how to use this social media tool for maximum reach. ‘Reaching’ more people equates to getting more sales in the long run. It allows you to open up your sales funnel to interested parties and potential customers.

Admittingly, it takes time to learn how to use Audience Insights properly. But there is a much faster option. You can hire an FB ad specialist to fine-tune your campaigns for you. That’s an area I work in at – contact me through the form below and let’s chat about it. Get a free consultation and ideas.

Combine Copywriting with Attention-Grabbing Images

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