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Rent My Brain

Yes, I will actually rent my brain out to you. If you’re selling something online, if you’re in the digital marketing biz, you need to know what your potential customers want. You need to know when and where they are online.

These are essential steps that you as a successful marketer, must complete if you want to effectively sell something online (or even offline). I can research and retrieve the info you need, then give you that information. Information like this is almost like the digital equivalent of striking gold.

When Someone Says “I Want This”

Gone are the days when you had to guess what people will buy. With the advent of the internet, now people will actually tell you what they want to buy. They’ll tell you in plain English, “I want to buy this and I want to buy it now” or … “I want to spend my cash on this product, it’s gonna make me so happy. It’s gonna solve a problem for me. I really need it”.

Going from Required Info to the Sales Pitch Stage

Ok let’s say that we have the info we need, the next step is to tell your potential customers about it. But they must be told in a powerful, laser persuasive way, in order for them to click that link, or whip out their credit card. THAT’s where copywriting comes in.

And the best person to write that powerful, laser persuasive copy, is a copywriter. If you don’t understand the art of copy, I suggest that you hire a copywriter. And I would be happy to take on that role. I would love to have you as a client, and I will do my damn best to give you the service you want. I will do my utmost to drive up your sales stats, your lead generation numbers, increase your subscriber base.

Where to Look

But of course, to gain valuable, potential customer information as required is very time consuming, you need to know how and where to look, and also WHAT to look for. There’s a deep research system you can use to find out all the intel you need to know. Yup, it’s like a military action. I’m geared up to do precisely that for you. Wanna team up?

So What?

So What? When you have this type of info about potential customers, I suggest that you give them exactly what they want to buy.

Would that be something of interest to you? If that makes sense to you and you’d like to take advantage of this research offer, contact me and we can chat about your idea.

You come up with the idea, and I’ll do the research, and then I’ll put together some powerful copy for you. Man, I’m an intense researcher. I know exactly where and when to look.

When you have this deep research info about your potential customers, I suggest that you sell them exactly what they want to buy. With deep research information in your hands, you can eliminate the guesswork.

Yes siree, I’ll fire up the research and persuasive writing to match. I have the skills, and it’s a powerful combination you’ll have at your disposal.

Please check out my Work Examples page to see what type of work I can do for you.

Sell Visitors What They Want & Need

There are people online that want to buy what you have to sell, many looking to buy it now. So why not sell them what they want to buy? Find out where these people are, and simply sell them what they desire. It works like a dream, everybody’s happy. Reach out to me from the form below and let’s have a no-obligation chat about it.

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