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Work Samples

eMail Copy, Blog & Marketing Articles, Social Media Ads/Copy


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Email Copy Samples


  • Rent My Brain
  • TireKickers vs Hungry Audiences
  • Buying vs Browsing Audience
  • Finding Buyers
  • Email Subjects
  • Drilling Down
  • Time For Change?
  • Garden Spectacular Email


Blog Articles / Writing Various Marketing Articles


  • Your Online Shop Window
  • Cloud Storage Article
  • Article-Break Writers Block Now
  • Amazing Resource
  • Branding and Logos Article
  • 9x Essential WP Plugins
  • Skyscraper Technique
  • Unstoppable Ad Design Services
  • Creating Strong Passwords_Article
  • Marketing Mockups
  • Domains Article
  • Digital Marketing / Affiliate Marketing


Digital Marketing and Products / Various


  • Product Excerpt Review
  • Digital_Marketing-Affiliate_Marketing-JPG
  • sellthinair_digital_marketing-JPG
  • Multiple_3D_Formats_Collage-JPGEX-COMP
  • Product Image Equalizer
  • Guitar Product
  • online-marketing-JPG


Email Power – Copy-Powered Headers


  • eMail_Headers-Multi-JPGEX-COMP
  • Time_eMail_Header-jpg
  • emailerheadermarketi_zdmzl
  • websolutionemailhead_MJ1Pa
  • mastershadowlight3
  • impressyourbossshush_uiPNP
  • businessleadership_e_E12WD
  • wildlife_jpg


Copy Powered Creatives / COMBINE this Lethal Combination


  • Attract_Views_Get_Clickthrus-JPG500x
  • AdDesignServicesUnstoppable-FBmediumAd-JPG-COMP
  • Something_Frightening
  • PromoteYourBook_3DDcomp
  • TwitterBranded-JPG
  • Game_Promo_Mixed_Media-Multi_Formar-JPEXcomp
  • Copy_These_Business_Strategies-JPG-COMP
  • FB_Cover_Group_Ballet-comp
  • Twitter_Greatness_JPG_COMP
  • YT_Gymnastic_Dance_Tip-JPG-COMP
  • eMail_Headers-Multi-JPGEX-COMP
  • GetClicksFBlargeAd2dot4
  • egyptian-tee_CTA-JPG
  • Time eMail Header
  • FB Ad
  • ETSY
  • Increase_Sales_Social_Media-Portfolio-PNGEX2C
  • Pizza_Tablet-Compressed_CATCH_ATTENTION-P

Social Media / Ads & Copy




Thank you for visiting my work samples page. Please click any of the categories above to access individual portfolios. If you don’t see a sample that matches your needs, please use the form below to contact me. p.s. Copywrite related images are an optional extra, that’s up to you (you may have your own images that you want to use, that’s fine and welcome). But make sure that you use the right emotionally powered images. If you don’t have any, contact me about images, I’m a qualified Adobe Photoshop nerd. Copywriting is my first love and major strength, but I can also do some related heavy-duty research for you if required (research is always required for successful campaigns).

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