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They Walk Into Your Shop …

They walk into your shop looking to buy something in particular, and you sell it to them. They’re extremely happy with their purchase, it was just what they wanted. And you’re happy with the sale. It’s a win-win for everyone.

But, nowadays, you need to switch this chain-of-events. You need to make it happen online. Instead of your customer visiting your shop on the high-street, you need to get your customer to visit your digital shop online.

Once they visit you there (it may be your website, or on Etsy or Facebook), you can show them what you have to offer. Or, to put it in marketing speak, ‘You can open up your sales funnel‘. THAT’S where the sales and fun begins.

I always think of McDonald’s ‘Want Fries with that?’. I find that it helps to put you straight into the picture.

Digital Marketing

In the online world, this is called ‘Digital Marketing’. In order to become a successful digital marketer who absolutely crushes it with sales, there is one vital KEY ingredient that you need. Pay attention here please, because this is a potentially life-changing sentence that I cannot emphasise strongly enough;

“You NEED a ‘way-with-words’ that sell”

It doesn’t matter what you are selling or promoting. It could be a product, yourself as an artist, something Facebook Page related, a membership website … the opportunities here are endless.

But the one thing in common here–is that each and every one of these online-marketing activities, needs powerful copywriting behind it. Otherwise, it’ll flop.

Yup, Otherwise It’ll FLOP!

I can assure you, that using this beautiful skill of ‘words that sell‘ is an art-form in itself. Look it up, go down the rabbit-hole yourself if you don’t believe me.

Enter Copywriting

In the business of selling, this word-play skill is known as, ‘Copywriting’. You have two options open to you when it comes to copywriting;

  • #1 > You can struggle with it and learn the art-form yourself. But, be forewarned that it can take years to ‘master’ copywriting (it’s a life-time process, not unlike learning an instrument). It also involves some seriously DEEP-research skills too.
  • #2 > You can save yourself years of learning-curve hassle and time by having a professional copywriter fighting for you in your corner. This approach can start boosting your sales almost immediately. You, and your pro-copywriter work together as a team. 

Want to Work With me on Your Team?

Hey my marketing friend, I would love to become your goto copywriter. I’m easy to work with as a team-member, and I’m a writer who gets the job done.

Here’s how I operate. Either I get you the results you are looking for, or there’s no charge. I’m only happy with my service if YOU are happy with my service too. And that means, that you get the results you are looking for.

Let’s Talk

The best way to know if we are a good fit together, is to have a quick, short text chat about it on WhatsApp. You tell me what you are looking to achieve with your online marketing (You might be looking to sell a product for example), and we can take it from there.

Ask yourself this: ‘What’s the best thing to say to them when they walk into your shop, in order that you make that sale?’ .

Combine Laser Persuasive Words that Sell … with Powerful Marketing & Promo Videos!

It’s a Seriously Effective Marketing Combination, Try it Free & See …


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    “Don’t sell the mattress, sell a good night’s sleep!”

    – Copywriting Maxim



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