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Email Copy Samples

Powerful Copy = Clicks & Much More

Your copy needs to drive people to get them to action, it’s as simple as that. Whether that aim is targeted to sales, sign-ups, new leads,  or just getting the damn email opened. You need to use persuasive, powerful copy.

As a copywriter, one of my honed skills is targeted at doing exactly that. Here are a few examples of my Facebook Ad copy-writing style. Their sole aim is to get that elusive click, which is the gateway to opening your sales funnel, building your list, building leads and connections … making sale after sale.

Hover (Laptop), or Tap (Mobile) an image below to access, and click the magnifying glass. Double-tap an image to expand/contract, scroll through portfolio samples with the > on the right-hand side.

  • Rent My Brain
  • TireKickers vs Hungry Audiences
  • Buying vs Browsing Audience
  • Finding Buyers
  • Email Subjects
  • Drilling Down
  • Time For Change?
  • Garden Spectacular Email

Copy Powered Emails

Copy powered Emails will make all the difference to your click-through rates. Emails that are put together using copy-writer techniques, can make a huge difference to your campaigns, and your click-through rates for a start. And clicks are what lead to leads and sales.

If you’ve ever spent time writing an email, sweated over it, put your best effort in it, sent it out, and bam, nothing, zilch, nada. Just no response whatsoever (or very little). Yup, if you’ve written and sent emails to your list and wondered why they were not getting opened, well, the answer in the majority of cases is down to your copy.

Learning to write quality copy takes time to learn, it’s an art-form. You can take the time to learn it yourself, but there’s a much faster way to take advantage of its inherent power.

The solution is easy. Save tons of learning time and get some killer copy in your hands quickly. Simply hire a suitable copywriter, that’s what we’re here for.

Hire a Pro Copy-Writer

You’re the expert here. You tell me about the product you’re selling or brief me on what you want to gain in the digital marketing space, and I’ll write some powerful and persuasive, laser-targeted copy for you. Watch your figures go up.

Communication is how we reach each other, my friend, it’s how it’s said that makes all the difference. And copywriters work solely in that arena. Copywriters are happily obsessed with their craft. They want what’s best for their clients because that’s what’s best for them too. It’s like being on a team. And we both win.

Together, let’s kick some sales-ass! Reach out to me from the form below and let’s have a no-obligation chat.


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